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NTSA Names Elite Advisors of 2022

Phoenix, AZ – Carla-Ann Goedtke, Virginia Harriett and Alberto Gaglianese were recognized as the 2022 NTSA Elite Advisors at a Feb. 7 luncheon meeting at the 2022 NTSA Summit in Phoenix, AZ.

Goedtke, of Investors Choice Financial Services, serves 1,500 participants in 30 school districts and has $218 million in retirement assets under management. For 25 years, she has served the retirement market in Slayton, MN. She also believes in investing in the future of the industry. And she serves as the private sector representative for Murray County on the Southwest Minnesota Workforce Council and is its Vice Chair. 2021-2022 Elite Advisor Chair Michael Pollakowski characterized Goedtke’s accomplishments as “remarkable.”

Virginia Harriett, of Harriet Financial Group, serves 1,700 plan participants in 10 school districts and has $287,700,000 in retirement assets under management. Constant industry engagement has defined her career, and she says that she has been a lifetime student of improving the client experience and has joined networking groups and has worked on information sharing as well. “She’s been an incredible producer for many years,” said Pollakowski. “It’s not a job,” she remarked to attendees, adding, “You know that.”

Gaglianese, of Clearpath Wealth Partners, LLC, serves 1,401 participants in 12 school districts and has more than $193 million in retirement assets under management.  Gaglianese strives not only to build a strong staff, but also to mentor and foster employees’ professional growth. “I attempt to lead by example. I never ask the junior agents that I have mentored to do anything I’m not doing myself.” He reports that he has succeeded in helping interns to become junior advisors in his practice—and that by empowering employees, he has built a staff that includes long-term employees and is “an exceptional team.”  2021-2022 Elite Advisor Chair Michael Pollakowski hailed Gaglianese’s service and commitment to clients, remarking that Gaglianese is “always concerned about his clients.”

Established in 2014, NTSA’s Elite Advisor Awards recognize and honor the ‘best of the best’ in the retirement industry - financial advisors with innovative, unique, profound and successful best practices for advocacy, leadership, practice management and legacy within the 403(b), 457(b) and ERISA non-profit retirement industry. They directly impact the ability for Americans to build a successful retirement, especially through employer-based retirement plans.

“Elite Advisors are educated, experienced, community-involved professionals that are critical to achieving individual retirement security for those Americans in the tax-exempt non-profit, public and private sectors,” said Mark Luckinbill, Executive Director of NTSA.  “Together with NTSA, these Elite Advisors are committed to open access, professional advice, universal standard of scare, collaboration and ethical behavior”.

The NTSA Elite Advisor Awards judging process continues anonymously with the Award Judging Committee (AJC) seeing only fully redacted stories from the Nominator, the Nominee and those affirming the Nominee’s works.  The 2022 Awards are chaired by Mike Pollakowski, GWN Securities; the Award Judging Committee is: Jody Detillier, ChFC®, RICP®, TGPC, CLTC, LUTCF, CPFA, CRES, Lincoln Investments; Wat Keys, CFP®, CRPS, CRES, CAPTRUST; Randy Lupi, Equitable; Kent Schutte, TGPC, CRES, LUTCD, CLU, ChFC, CFP®, EFS Advisors, and Robert Young, CRES, PlanMember.

More information about the NTSA Elite Advisor Award is available at


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